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Accessing Grants for Startups is a book that every entrepreneur should read. It provides learnings on how to take advantage of self and business development opportunities; understanding business models, defining target markets, and building sustainable businesses. I encourage every entrepreneur to read and apply the learnings in this book - Parminder Vir OBE – CEO, The Tony Elumelu Foundation

Accessing Grants for Startups is a book that is much needed in the nonprofit and grant seeking sectors. Written by someone who has a deep experience in entrepreneurship sector, Ifedayo provides the much needed information to access grants and other opportunities for entrepreneurs in Africa - Professor Jacob K. Olupona–Department of African and African American Studies, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

“Ife has taken an important first step in documenting how businesses, especially those operating in Nigeria can attract grants, an important, even if insufficient source of funding. Her book sets the template for future publications to interrogate how to raise capital using other sources, especially debt and equity. By writing this book, she has laid an important foundation for other to build on, and history will be kind to her.” - Akintunde Oyebode, Executive Secretary, Lagos State Employment Trust Fund

As an entrepreneur Ife has built her business by being incredibly resourceful and this book is a gift to resourceful entrepreneurs like her looking to build their business against unbelievable funding odds. The wit and wisdom with which she dispenses common sense but critical advice to entrepreneurs in this book makes it a must read for emerging market entrepreneurs - Iyin Aboyeji, Co-founder and Managing Director, Flutterwave

If you ask the average startup or entrepreneur what is the greatest challenge – 85% of them will tell you funding or access to funding. I don't totally agree that it is always funding that is the first problem. In my opinion, it is the value proposition of the business that determines the sort of funding it can attract. However, once you have sorted out your business plan and strategy the next most important thing is how to attract funding or grants to help you fund your business idea. This is the problem Ifedayo seeks to solve in this book. The book succeeds in making the process clear, practical, easy to read and fun! Not only is it engaging, but it also opens your eyes to other funding possibilities which are invaluable to the aspiring start up or even for more established businesses - Audu Maikori – Founder and Group CEO Chocolate City Entertainment

If there is a multi-dimensional young Nigerian who is able to strike a balance between professional excellence, entrepreneurship, community development and nation building, the name of Ifedayo Durosinmi-Etti would tower high. In this easy to read Accessing Grants for Startups! A guide for African Entrepreneurs, she informally and in a gist-like manner, shares thought-provoking insights in order to encourage other young, creative and passionate entrepreneurs. As a perceptive reader flicks over the pages of this book, you will find gems that would give you a competitive edge in applying for grants and fellowships within a global context considering the percentage of applicants in relation to the limited available opportunities. She acts as a coach to release the potential within the grant applicants thereby giving them leverage to succeed and excel. She also shares in this book, strategies by which her spectacular accomplishments have been realized. It is on this note that I highly recommend this book. Read and succeed!! - Olumide Kola - Lawal -President, Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association of Nigeria, 2017

It is very interesting to note that one of the major challenges a lot of people who want to go into business face is the financial capital they lack. In this book, Ifedayo makes it clear that there are several other ways in which capital can be raised. She has helped several people do this and so this book is a practical recipe for success. I think she is the Queen of Business Grants and Funding Options. You should get this book, digest it, and use what applies to you - Jimi Tewe. CEO, The Jimi Tewe Company

In this new book, Ifedayo breaks the barriers to accessing grants, and attempts to create a HOLY GRAIL of Grant Writing for entrepreneurs. I have no doubt at all, that this is needed at this time and that every reader will gain much needed clarity. I have watched Ifedayo surmount great challenges, access opportunities and deliver same for people, young and old. In this highly connected generation, she represents a great beacon of hope and succor for many - Olusola Amusan, Philanthropies Lead, Microsoft Nigeria. Impact Investor and Founder, Curators University

A superb handbook for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking sources of business growth capital such as grants. The strong emphasis on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Growth is worth noting. If all African entrepreneurs yearn to be driven by these goals, we would more rapidly attain transformational developments within the continent. Fantastic book, Kudos Ife! Another great one for young African entrepreneurs Olatorera Oniru, Founder, Dress Me Outlet

What Ife has done is to gift the enterprise ecosystem - especially start-ups and young people - with a handbook that chronicles practical steps to passing through the funding bottleneck. The role of the enlightened in the society is to illuminate paths for others, and this task is what Ife has taken on. For this we thank her - Adebola Williams, CEO RED Africa

Ifedayo has used such a pragmatic way to empower entrepreneurs through this book which contains useful business tips and how to access grants - Chukwuka Monye, Director General, Delta Economic Summit Group

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